The new year is a great time to start journaling. There’s no need for pen and paper – these apps can get you started on a daily routine that will help you reflect on your life, mood and gratitude.


“The new year is a fantastic time for journaling as you can take stock of your life and set plans and intentions,” said Jeffrey Bunn, CEO and co-founder of the journaling app Clearful.

“I wanted a journal that provided a calm canvas while also providing guidance while I was staring at that blank page and didn’t know what to write,” explained Bunn.

So, he created an app where you can write down your daily thoughts, feelings and more. But, if you’re stuck with what to say, it can also help get you started with thought provoking questions.

“Journaling can help people have more clarity about their lives and thoughts to accept where they are in life now while helping them take control of where they want to go,” said Bunn.

Clearful is avaialble for iOS and Android.

In addition to Clearful, I tested another journaling tool called

With this app, you can just start writing or choose a starter phrase like “I’m feeling,” “I’ve been thinking about,” or my favorite, “I’m grateful for.” These default prompts are an easy way to get writing. You can also add your own by upgrading to a paid plan.

The other feature I like best about is the lightbulb button. Just tap it and you’ll get an instant question to answer, which makes writing even easier. is available for iOS and Android.


Tangerine is more full featured with the ability to track your daily mood, habits and keep a journal. It’s much more focused on your overall well-being.

Tangerine is iOS only.

Day One

Finally, if you just want more of a versatile daily journal app that’s not necessarily focused on introspection, Day One is an excellent choice. It gives you the ability to add just about anything you can think of to your entries, including photos, files, audio and more. It’s almost like your own private Facebook feed for your memories.

You can also see your posts on a map and when in doubt, there is a daily question to answer.

I also like how Day One is available across iOS and Android and has a desktop app for Mac and browser extensions so you can journal from a wide range of devices, not just your phone.

As with all of these apps, getting started is free, but some features might require a premium subscription.

Bottom Line

“If you build that journaling habit in 2023, even if it’s just once a week… at the end of the year, you’ll have moments of your life to look back on,” concluded Bunn.

Before you choose a journaling app, check the privacy policy and whether they encrypt your entries. If the app is serving up ads, it might not be that secure.