TikTok is rolling out new features to helpĀ limit the amount of time kids spend using the social media app. In the coming weeks, all users under the age of 18 will only be allowed to use the app for 60 minutes per day. For users over 13, they will have to enter a passcode to continue using the app. Those under 13 will need their parent’s password to add an additional 30 minutes of screen time.

TikTok is also revamping the tools used to limit screen time. Parents will soon be able to customize daily screen limits for their kids. This will allow parents to give their kids more time using the app on the weekends while limiting the amount of time they can use when they are in school. Parents will also be able to adjust when TikTok sends notifications to their phones.

“We believe digital experiences should bring joy and play a positive role in how people express themselves, discover ideas, and connect,” Cormac Keenan, TikTok’s Head of Trust and Safety, wrote in a blog post. “We’re improving our screen time tool with more custom options, introducing new default settings for teen accounts, and expanding Family Pairing with more parental controls.”