Here are a few expert tips and tricks to bring out the most flavor in one of America’s most iconic dishes!

1. Carefully hand-shape your patties

The biggest mistake people make when shaping hamburger patties is making them too thick, especially in the center. As a burger cooks, it will shrink and pull towards the center. To solve this problem, ensure that you are patting the burger out thin enough, and even put a slight impression in the center of the patty to ensure it stays even.

2. When smashing, use parchment paper

Unless you enjoy the meat sticking to your spatulas or burger press, using parchment paper is the easiest way to keep messes to a minimum. Just line your smashing utensil with parchment paper and smash away! Blackstone’s Parchment Paper comes in 8×8 sheets making it easy to stay mess-free. 

3. Season Purposefully

If you’re using good beef, any seasoning you add is meant to complement the burger, not be the star of the show. To ensure that your seasoning properly bonds with the burger without overpowering it, cook the burger on one side, flip it, and add the seasoning to the cooked side. As the burger continues to cook, the fat and juices rendering up will interact with the seasonings on top, pulling the flavor into the burger without burning the spices.

4. Break out the dome

Using a basting dome is a great way to keep all the moisture and juices in the burger while providing a more thorough cooking experience. It’s also great for melting cheese!

5. Don’t undercut the entourage

While beef should be the main consideration for a good burger, it isn’t the only ingredient you should pay attention to. The best burgers also include fresh onion, your favorite greens, and a thick, juicy tomato slice; ingredients that are simply fresh, simply delicious, and pack in that unmistakable taste of summer.

The act of smashing your burger is a technique used around the world in the best burger joints. By pressing and searing your burgers you lock in all the flavor, while simultaneously creating that coveted smash burger crust.