With the Boys of Summer back on the field, Katz Media Group is out with a new study about how Major League Baseball flagship radio stations reach “some of the most engaged and lucrative audiences in all of baseball.”  The rep firm’s analysis of the latest MRI-Simmons data finds that consumers who listen to MLB broadcasts on the radio are major prospects for sports marketers.

For starters, MLB listeners are not your average MLB fans. “They are passionate and loyal to their teams, at levels far higher than the average,” Katz says in a summary of the study on its Sound Answers blog. More than six in ten ( 63%) MLB radio listeners consider themselves “super fans” of baseball, which is 66% more than the average fan.

One-third recently purchased apparel that features their favorite team (84% above the average), and four in 10 have visited a ballpark in the past year – more than double the attendance level among average fans.