Madden 23 marked a historic low for the iconic football franchise.

Despite a disappointing year, excitement is beginning to build for Madden 24 as players have reported to their NFL teams for offseason training. EA Sports may capitalize on that anticipation by including a highly requested feature for the upcoming game.

EA Sports already introduced cross-play to FIFA 23, allowing players to compete with and against each other in several 1v1 modes and Ultimate Team. Unfortunately, that same luxury didn’t apply to Pro Clubs and Ultimate Team co-op.

It remains to be seen which modes will receive the supposed feature in Madden 24. Kleiman added: “With the addition of cross-play and the promised improvements to the franchise mode, Madden 24 is shaping up to be a transformative entry in the long-running football video game series.”

Reporting from MUTLeaks also claimed the game’s patches will be separate between current and next-gen consoles. This means that both generations will now receive different updates, which is similar to how FIFA handles its patch notes.

Madden titles typically release in the middle of August, but we will provide an update when we learn more about the next series entry.