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CLIKI – a smart case for your smart phone

With 20 years of experience at Motorola, Wayne Phang is what you would call a seasoned veteran in the mobile smart phone business. Phang took his learning’s to create what is known as CLIKI, perhaps the smartest smart phone case ever created complete... Read More

Every viral @Kickstarter has these 6 things in common

The best product categories, the best times to launch, the best investor incentives: Learn these and other lessons.  For many entrepreneurs, crowdfunding is a mystery. Celebrity music videos can flop, while simple, silly ideas can go viral overnight.... Read More

The Biggest Mistakes I See on Resumes, Top 8 questions

I’ve always been passionate about helping people find good jobs. But my advice in “The Biggest Mistakes I See on Resumes” was just a starting point: the basic stuff we all need to nail to get to that interview. (And remember, the ONLY... Read More

Check Your Kid’s Texts for these 28 Acronyms and What They Mean

If you think you are tech savvy all because you know what “LOL” means, let me test your coolness. Any idea what “IWSN” stands for in Internet slang? It’s a declarative statement: I want sex now. If it makes you feel any better, I had no clue,... Read More

Demystifying some myths about @FixMeStick

The FixMeStick is one of the most effective and uniquely designed external virus removal devices on the market. We consistently receive excellent reviews from our customers and computer experts (like the ones at PC Magazine). As an external device,... Read More

201 days of the X-Files

On Wednesday, the Fox network uploaded the teaser to YouTube, where the video has been viewed almost two million times. While a silhouette of a man, perhaps Mulder’s, appears beside what could be a warehouse railing, Mulder is heard saying,... Read More

Do you know your @Uber passenger rating?

Do you know your Uber passenger rating? Well, if you struggle to catch a lift through the app then it might be terribly low. But don’t sweat it—just heed the what-not-to-do advice from Danielle and Laura Kosann of The New Potato, who tackle... Read More

Maximize Your Retirement Nest Egg

... Read More

Surprising Household Hazards

Your home has well-lit stairways, household cleaners in an upper cabinet and smoke detectors with fresh batteries — so it’s safe, right? Here are some potential household dangers you may not have considered: Electronic appliances: The... Read More

Tips for a Safer Commute w/ @StateFarm

Morning roadways can get busy: The U.S. Census Bureau says 86 percent of American workers drive themselves to their job. If this includes you, stay cautious with these tips for commuting to work safely. Leave early. According to the Governors... Read More

5 reasons why swimming will be your kid’s #funnestsport

Matt Sinnott is a freelance blogger and proud dad 5 reasons why swimming will be your kid’s #funnestsport As a parent of a young child, I — naturally — want to enroll my kid into every activity they can possibly manage and wait in hopes that one... Read More

@IAmKidPresident Reveals What Kids Really Want Out of Summer Vacation

Summer is finally here and today, Kid President is revealing what kids really want out of a summer vacation in a brand new episode of his self-titled viral series that is currently featured exclusively on In partnership with HomeAway and... Read More

Tips for maintaining and extending the life of your grill

A good grill is an investment that will last years, if you treat it right. High heat, hot grease, caked-on food and exposure to the elements all can cut the life of even the most well-made grills in half. A dirty grill also negatively affects how food... Read More

5 Cleaning Hacks for your home @Geico

No one looks forward to cleaning their home. But when the weekend rolls around, we’re all tasked with the same chores of dusting, vacuuming, scrubbing and polishing. It’s boring, time-consuming hard work. But it doesn’t have to be. Follow these... Read More

Microsoft triggers Windows 10 nag campaign on Windows 7, 8.x devices

Microsoft’s Windows 10 upgrade “nag” campaign — an effort to convince customers running Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 to upgrade to the new operating system — began today, with users reporting that they’d seen the... Read More

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