Author: Aric

I used to be pretty confident about life.  Now, I'm the father of a newborn baby boy and humility has settled in.  I work in high tech, live in Brooklyn and enjoy sports/working out.  Over the next few years, I plan to take full advantage of my son's unbridled affection and convince him I have invented everything from frogs to televisions.

Happy New Year!

I just wanted to add a quick about my NYE dilema.  You see this will be the first night my wife and I have spent away from our 4 month old son.  We are leaving him at her parents and heading to a wedding. <Tangent Start>: Yes, we have a wedding... Read More

Road Rage

My friend, Thomas , recently had a post about what to buy his one-year old son for Christmas. This got me thinking about my son’s first Christmas.  I’m not really concerned what to buy him – so far his favorite things are ceiling... Read More