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OTT Is Now Bigger Than Cable

The jury is still out on whether OTT is better than pay TV, but one thing is certain: OTT is now bigger than cable. For the first time ever, global subscriptions to online video services surpassed cable subscriptions in 2018, according to IHS Markit... Read More

Is Troubleshooting A Lost Art?

Let’s talk about perseverance under pressure. The way you handle yourself in the heat of battle is a determining factor of success in our industry. How do you react when things suddenly and most unexpectedly go awry? Do you explode into full-blown... Read More

Ways to improve your sound quality

While everyone agrees that high-quality audio will benefit a podcast, not everyone can afford to purchase expensive podcasting equipment or to upgrade their current equipment. If that’s you, we have good news! There’s a way to improve the... Read More

Streaming services expedite demise of satellite TV giants

Satellite TV is dying more quickly than Wall Street thought. Cheap streaming services from Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and YouTube are spurring surprisingly steep customer losses at Dish Network and DirecTV, the nation’s dominant satellite... Read More

What do you do – when you don’t know what to do?

First of all, when everything is going wrong in your life, you should keep in mind that emotions are big fat liars. You feel everything is going south, but it’s not true. Adversity is often a stepping stone to success. That is, if you don’t... Read More

5 Ways Young People Can Fight For The Environment

Climate change continues to draw attention globally, from governmental debates on pollution solutions to people protesting against a lack of action.  In Europe, teenage girls and young women are leading a large student environmental movement, and... Read More

Amazon Go is spelling trouble for quick-service stores

The first Amazon Go store opened over a year ago and there are now 10 locations across Seattle, Chicago, and San Francisco. These stores offer prepared foods, items regularly found at a convenience store, and, in some cases, groceries. And... Read More

Is Multi Factor Authentication Foolproof?

When 2-factor authentication (2FA) is combined with password managers like 1Password and LastPass, it... Read More

What If All The Cars in Los Angeles Tried To Leave At Once?

How many cars are in Los Angeles and is it even remotely possible to consider an evacuation of LA county or even the City of LA?  The Camp fire that roared through Paradise, California was an eye opener on what happens when an evacuation... Read More

Instagram is testing ‘Donation’ sticker for Stories

Instagram is reportedly testing a “Donation” sticker in Stories, a feature that will most likely allow users to ask their following to contribute to their cause. First spotted by The Verge, Jane Manchun Wong posted a screenshot of the new... Read More

Apple is ‘the smartwatch market leader,’ NPD says

As Apple’s own Wearables category continues to grow, new data from The NPD Group shows how Apple’s success is affecting the rest of the smartwatch industry. According to the data, unit sales for smartwatches were up 61 percent during the 12... Read More

Local Streaming Apps Are Here

It’s been a big week for local broadcast networks and OTT. Sinclair launched STIRR, their new app that combines their local broadcast channels with some really forgettable VOD content. The New York Times ran a big story on Locast, aka... Read More

Microsoft calls Internet Explorer – a compatibility solution, not a browser

Microsoft killed off the Internet Explorer brand nearly four years ago, choosing Edge as its modern browser for Windows 10. Internet Explorer lived on as plumbing for Windows and for business compatibility, but Microsoft isn’t supporting it with new... Read More

These Five Tax Mistakes Are Easy (and Costly) to Make

If you’re like most taxpayers, you probably have a couple primary fears this time of year: overpaying (or underpaying) the government and being audited. But are those worries warranted? It depends on how carefully you complete your... Read More

Teens prefer texting to face-to-face communication; a third have been cyber-bullied

We’ve seen a growing concern about the impact on teenagers of smartphone usage in general and social media in particular. A new report makes for disturbing reading in a number of respects, not least that 13-17 year olds now prefer text... Read More

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