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3 Golf Tips for Beginners

COVID-19 is forcing many people to explore new hobbies and ways to stay in shape. One of the most popular social distancing friendly sports is playing golf. Golf is a great activity to stay in shape and get outdoors, which is paramount right... Read More

Zoom’s Out for Remote Learning

Following reports of hackers breaking into lessons with racist, pornographic and harassing interruptions, several large districts are moving away from Zoom as a way to connect teachers and students. In addition to New York City  and Clark County,... Read More

Stopping COVID-19/Spreading Kindness

You’re probably feeling a little helpless right now as these strange and difficult days run together. Our usual calendar landmarks – Sunday family dinner, heading out to school and work on Monday morning, easing into the weekend on Friday night... Read More

Deepfakes and the War on Reality

With the advent of deepfakes, it’s becoming even harder to separate truth from fiction. Deepfakes have the potential to damage almost anything they target—the 2020 political campaigns, local or international news and current events, even... Read More

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