Author: Melysa

Funny. Sexy. Inspiring. These are the three words that best describe Melysa Schmitt. Between raising her young son as a single mom, wearing her "super" Social Media/Community Manager cape during her day job and running her consulting business Kiss Our Sass Media LLC, Melysa writes her brazenly honest humor on her lifestyle blog Sex, Lies, and Bacon. Despite criticism from groups online as well as her own relatives, she candidly shares her successes, failures, and misadventures in dating and single parenting hoping to encourage others to stay true to themselves while following their own path. Though she has her concerns for the well-being of her son, Melysa, who had previously written about parenting on, has developed a distinct and sassy voice through her personal blogging, allowing her to reach out to her readers with a simple, underlying message: Your relationship status does not limit or define you.
Have a question about dating, relationships, or single parenting you’d like her to answer? Just want to tell her how fabulous she is? Email Melysa at [email protected] or [email protected]. You can also follow her on Twitter as @Melysa_S.

Single. Mom.

If you’ve never walked in the seemingly easy-to-wear but often tight, sweaty, and uncomfortable shoes of single motherhood, you’ll probably never get “it.” Hell, I never did until I was forced into them after I had no other shoes to squeeze my... Read More