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Things to know – before opening a 529 college savings plan

Americans have been slow to embrace 529 college savings plans, which were introduced in the mid-1990s. A 529 plan offers tax advantages and the promise of growing your savings through investment returns. But the plans also have downsides, which... Read More

Kids and Procrastination

How many of us have had the joy of being told that science project, you know…the one with the flour plaster volcanoes…is actually due tomorrow? Yes, your child knew when it was due three weeks ago and even mentioned it once to you in passing, but... Read More

5 Reasons Pre-School Years Are Prime Time For Learning

Much of the discussion about education focuses on the K-12 years, but some early childhood education experts suggest serious learning can start even earlier and pay dividends for the child in years to come. “Young children have the capacity at a very... Read More

Protecting Children In Your Home

Each year in the United States, more than 2,200 children – or six kids a day – die from an injury in the home. Learn what parents are concerned about and what they do  ̶  or don’t do  ̶  to keep kids safe in the home. ... Read More

5 Safety Tips To Prevent Your Little One From Choking

Is there a cell phone or set of car keys that hasn’t made its way into your toddler’s mouth? We didn’t think so. Don’t despair – there are simple tips that can help keep your children from getting injured as a result of their compulsive need... Read More

How Car Seats Work

Car accidents are the #1 killer of children ages 1-14.  Yet 3 out of 4 people use their car seats incorrectly, even though using a child restraint properly can reduce the risk of death by up to 71% in a crash. That’s why we decided to explain in... Read More

The Single Parent’s Survival Guide

Being a single parent is tough, there is absolutely no denying that. It is tough because, let’s be truthful, parenthood is a job best suited to two people. It is a job where the burden needs to be shared at all times, and when the possibility of... Read More

Protect Your Family From Disease This Year

Our families are what keep us going, through the good and the bad times. They give us support when we most need it and make us feel safe when any situation that arises in life turns our worlds upside down. With modern societies having undergone a... Read More

Shocked: A Hidden Factor in the Sports Concussion Crisis – @Favre4Official

Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre opens up about his career and his history of head injuries in an upcoming documentary, Shocked: A Hidden Factor in the Sports Concussion Crisis.  The show premiered on the Stadium network.  Favre... Read More

“Mom It’s Just A Scratch” And Other Sports Problems With Kids

So, your kids have reached the age when they are starting to get interested in sports. Congratulations, this can be a fantastic time for you as a parent. You can cheer them on at their games, show pride as they compete in tournaments or maybe even find... Read More

Need a last minute #Halloween costume? @RideGOTRAX has 4 easy #DIY #hoverboard ideas.

GOTRAX™, the new Denver-based brand of hoverboards and electric ride-ables on a mission to boost imaginations and the possibility for personal transportation, has released a list of last-minute DIY Halloween costumes that are sure to be out of this... Read More

A Pushy Parent’s Guide To Physical Activity For Kids

Child obesity is a growing epidemic because kids aren’t as active as previous generations. Technology has a role to play, as do globalization and a change in values. However, one of the main reasons for inactivity is a pushy parent. Moms and dads who... Read More

Does The Right Environment Have An Impact On Our Children?

We have a lot of choices to make as parents for the benefit of our children’s futures, and when it comes to being a skilled and savvy parent, there’s no handbook on how to do it right, but this always brings up the age-old nature versus... Read More

Encouraging Art In A Child Develops A Creative Thinker In Adulthood

From the living room to the board room and many points in between, today’s world is often complicated, requiring layers of thought in order to unravel the solution. Or like a light bulb, the right idea for business success might just suddenly flicker... Read More

6 Things We Need To Stop Saying To Bereaved Parents

Joan Markwell knows the gut-wrenching, hollow feeling left behind when a child is taken too early. It’s a feeling that mothers have experienced recently and throughout the last few years after tragic attacks in Orlando, Manchester, London, San... Read More

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