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Make sure your smartphone’s battery doesn’t go up in smoke – @myChargePower

Every cord and power bank designed to charge a smartphone, tablet or laptop is not created equal. All too often people grab a cheap USB cable for their smartphone at the checkout counter or purchase an off-label power bank from the clearance rack... Read More

Here are the 6 most effective social engineering techniques

Social engineering is the strongest method of attack against the enterprise’s weakest vulnerability, its people. Criminal hackers recognize this fact. In 2015, social engineering became the No. 1 method of attack, according to Proofpoint’s 2016... Read More

Apple’s iCloud wasn’t hacked (but you might want to change your password)

A hacker group claiming to have access to hundreds of millions of iCloud accounts threatened to remotely wipe iPhones associated to these accounts unless Apple pays a ransom amounting to up to $100,000 in cryptocurrency or iTunes gift cards. Just as... Read More

.@myChargePower releases most powerful and versatile chargers yet

Ditch the wall outlet, take in the spring season and enjoy warmer weather free from low-battery nightmares on any mobile device Classic myCharge product lines like the Hub and Razor series offer incredible amounts of backup power in sleek aluminum... Read More

Computer infections spike during last week’s nor’easter – @enigmasoftware

In addition to dumping more than three feet of snow in some areas of the Northeast, Winter Storm Stella may also be to blame for a spike in malware infections. Computer users who were snowed in went online and ended up with more infections than usual.... Read More

Understanding Millennial Media Consumption

Here are three things you might not have known about Millennials that the report uncovered. MILLENNIALS LOVE TV-CONNECTED DEVICES MILLENNIALS ARE A DISTRACTED AUDIENCE SOCIAL MEDIA STARS ARE “CELEBRITIES” ... Read More

Cybersecurity Tips for Your Employees

Cyberthreats to your business are usually blamed on outsiders—nefarious programmers writing malicious code designed to pilfer your corporate intelligence, siphon your confidential customer information and/or raid your financial data. Sometimes, the... Read More

3 Tips For Cord Cutters Managing Their Data Plans

Data caps have often been called an attack on cord cutters; however, don’t let them scare you away from becoming a cord cutter. You can be a cord cutter even if your Internet service provider (ISP) has a data cap. When my family became cord cutters... Read More

The snow is here – be prepared #FIOSNY #ad

Now that the snow has fallen, one of the most common storm-related issues is a power outage, which can affect your Fios® services. If that happens, here are some quick tips to get you back up and running. To fix most issues, unplug your... Read More

The hidden costs of video conferencing

... Read More

How Do You Report Cybercrime?

This week’s LNPTip is dedicated to providing you with the resources you need to report cybercrime. Reporting abuses is an important part of fighting cybercrime– we all have to do our part! For our customers located in the United States, you’ll... Read More

Apple Testing 4K Capable Apple TV for Fall Release.

Apple is reportedly testing a new update for Apple TV that would make it UHD-compatible. According to Bloomberg, the new device could be available to consumers this year. It is expected to be able to stream 4K resolution pictures and “more vivid... Read More

Get Ready for Verizon Instant Internet – #FIOSNY

My household is no different from any household.  We have 15+ devices that are broadband hogs that are fighting for connectivity and trying to avoid constant buffering and degradation of speed.  The Internet as we know it changes in an instant.... Read More

7 Reasons For Creating A Human Firewall

Reasons For Creating A Human Firewall    I was at RSA 2017 in San Francisco last week, and apart from meetings with customers, VCs and the Press, I found a large amount of relevant security news. Out of the... Read More

Most website traffic are generated by Bots.

For the 5th straight year, impersonator bots were the most active bad bots, making up 24.3 percent of all bot activity. Both cheap and effective, impersonator bots are most commonly used to launch DDoS attacks, including October’s attack against DNS... Read More

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