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Super-Guide to Educational Games

Parents tend to worry about the kind of media their children are exposed to – that’s why it can be difficult finding educational games your child will actually enjoy. For the most part, children are far more interested in the mindless... Read More

If You’re On The Internet You Should Be Using A VPN

If you use the internet then you know there is always a concern people could be watching your activity and stealing your personal information. That’s why we recommend getting a VPN right now. Keep reading to learn what a VPN is, the benefit of having... Read More

12 habits you don’t realize are losing you respect at work

Let’s face it: we all have bad workplace habits. In some cases, we may not even be aware that we’re annoying our coworkers. However, it’s worth the effort to keep yourself in check. After all, everyone shares the same (sometimes cramped) office... Read More

Struggling to watch #Bandersnatch? This may be why…

After making fans wait all year for another helping of Black Mirror, Charlie Brooker surprised-dropped Bandersnatch earlier this week, a feature length ‘choose your own adventure’ episode that allows viewers to select the direction in which the... Read More

Google Assistant works with your Roku devices

Just about a month ago, Roku announced that Google Assistant support would be coming to the platform. Now, Roku Google Assistant support is rolling out to users with compatible hardware. Roku users running OS version 8.1 and above on select... Read More

6 Cyber Security Tips for Employees

Regardless of their age, role, or cyber security competency, employees must follow basic practices to protect your organization and its data. Training doesn’t have to come in the form of a quarterly program, financial incentives, or certificates. It... Read More

#TheNewManInCharge @latenightparent

Join Ted Hicks as he moderates the #LNPShow that discusses today’s current events, social topics & raising kids in this current time. Guest: Shawn Armor @Tru_Armor or the Armor Intergalactic Podcast joins us. Discussion Items: New Year... Read More

Ara The Star Engineer, a STEM book on a mission

“Engineers are boys.” What do you do when your 4 year-old daughter proclaims this? Start a passion project, collaborate with your peers, and publish a children’s picture book to bust that bias. I wrote “Ara the Star Engineer” to inspire young... Read More

5 reasons to spend your home equity (with caution)

Tapping the equity in your home can be a good way to access cash quickly, but you should have a good reason for doing so. After all, you’re borrowing against the roof over your head. So whether you get a cash-out refinance, home equity loan or home... Read More

Ways to become a better human being

There are two basic paths to becoming more attractive. Become a better human being (internal) Become a better looking human being (external) Here are a few quick ideas for maximizing them both. 1. Volunteer Volunteering helps give you perspective on... Read More

What did Grover say?

Sesame Street character Grover is accused of dropping the F-bomb in an episode of the show – but based on video of the scene, he definitely didn’t. The long-running PBS TV show is a staple of children’s television, using puppets to... Read More

Tips for Taking the Toxicity Out of Youth Sports

For many kids, organized sports aren’t much fun anymore. Overbearing parents, over-the-top coaches and overzealous competition are frequent images associated with youth-athletic leagues today. Though playing ball often used to embody the enjoyment of... Read More

Holiday Disasters In Your Home (Don’t Let This Happen to You!)

Have you made it through the holidays without a hiccup so far? Fingers crossed you don’t suffer one of the top five holiday home disasters! A backed up toilet An appliance failure A power outage A clogged disposal A furnace breakdown If you had... Read More

Teach Kids Critical Skills While Saving Money on Home Maintenance

A recent report suggests that on average, homeowners spend $2,000 every year on home maintenance, including landscaping, housekeeping and plumbing services. Parents can save money, as well as teach responsibility and financial skills, by hiring... Read More

#NotOnXmas @latenightparent

Join Ted Hicks & Rich Valdez as they moderate the #LNPShow that discusses today’s current events, social topics & raising kids in this current time. Discussion Items: Holiday Stress Is It Time to Say Goodbye to Facebook? Pres. Donald J... Read More

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