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How To Not Get Hit By A Car

This infographic highlights seven ways children are getting hit, paired with seven tips to prevent them from happening. ... Read More

Leading depression research organization ‘Bullying and Mental Health’ Discussion 5/29

The country’s leading depression research organization, Hope for Depression Research Foundation (HDRF), today announced it will host a public symposium on Bullying and Mental Health, on Wednesday, May 29, 2019 at the Paley Center for Media... Read More

#Kanex launches new USB-C Cable and Power solutions

 Kanex, an innovative leader in Apple-certified connectivity solutions, today announced a new line up of USB-C solutions that help users connect and charge their USB-C enabled devices. The new cables (Lightning, USB-C and USB) are all... Read More

Mindfulness Won’t Save Us. Fixing the System Will.

Christina Torres Although I question the value of social media in my life, I do use it to find feel-good stories that provide a moment of self-care in dark times. So when I saw a video on my feed about a school using meditation instead of... Read More

2019 Top Podcasting Apps

The best podcast apps do much more than just let you listen to your favorite podcasts. They can automatically download new episodes, manage your playlists, and suggest new shows you might find interesting. In short, when you use a premier podcast app,... Read More

Changing the culture of youth sports

Sports are great for kids, but too many kids are stuck on the sidelines because of an injury. Our research shows an alarming number of athletes are hiding injuries to stay in the game, getting injured as a result of a dirty play, or going back in the... Read More

Facebook warns advertisers about ‘Clear History’ tool

Facebook is preparing advertisers for the “clear history” tool that will let people erase their personal data from the social network, affecting ad targeting. On Tuesday, Facebook announced the long-awaited “clear history” feature would... Read More

Black Mirror Season 5 – Trailer

The season will be slightly shorter this year following the release of Bandersnatch, made up of just three new episodes. Season five will be released on Wednesday 5th June 2019 according to the first trailer. ... Read More

Disney’s Maleficent: Mistress Of Evil – Trailer

“Maleficent: Mistress of Evil” is a fantasy adventure that picks up several years after “Maleficent,” in which audiences learned of the events that hardened the heart of Disney’s most notorious villain and drove her to curse a baby... Read More

Stand Up With Brooklyn Crafted

Brooklyn Crafted is a line of craft beverages on a mission to define the field of craft sodas and beverages. Simplicity, quality and taste, combined with a focused concern for natural, high-quality ingredients has created the precedent for our... Read More

#TeachingKidsAboutFinance @latenightparent

Parents usually have to be the teachers when it comes to a subject their kids will need to understand throughout their adult lives – personal finance. Here are a list of ideas and discussions that can help your kids learn about finance at... Read More

iKuddle Smart IoT Litter Box with AI and Health Data

 iKuddle is launching a smart IoT enabled litter box to make manually cleaning your cat’s waste a thing of the past. iKuddle automatically self-cleans, eliminates odors, and packs away the waste for a simple, hygienic disposal. “By creating... Read More

Amazon’s Alexa Guard is coming soon

Amazon’s Alexa Guard feature is now rolling out in the US, following an invite-only preview that lasted a few months. This free update lets your Echo speaker listen for signs of danger in your home while you’re away. Sounds like glass breaking... Read More

WhatsApp wants users to upgrade app urgently

WhatsApp has urged its 1.5 billion users to upgrade the app after the Facebook-owned platform discovered a vulnerability that allowed a spyware to be installed on users’ phones via the app’s phone call function.  The... Read More

How You Connect to the Internet

Many people suggested using a virtual private network (VPN). We couldn’t agree more. Here at our office we use NordVPN because: It shields your browsing from hackers and surveillanceIt has Quick Connect buttons that make turning it... Read More

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