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Why Some Play the “Class Clown”

The teacher just told you that your child’s been acting up in school and playing the class clown. You’re not totally surprised. You’ve noticed similar behavior at home, especially when other people are around. So, what’s this behavior about,... Read More

Why do women have more insomnia?

Far more women than men suffer insomnia or chronic sleep trouble, and middle-aged women suffer most of all, according to an international study commissioned by Calm. Women are 40% more likely than men “always” to... Read More

Spot Early Signs of a Struggling Young Adult

Dr. Gregg Jantz, The Center, at Northwest Ministry Conference 2012 Adolescence is difficult in the best of times. It’s doubly stressful for kids today; they’re experiencing the same worries and insecurities as adults in this troubled... Read More

What do I buy my 1 year old for Christmas?

I have a question and I thought maybe I’d just ask people here what their thoughts are, so here we go. I’m having some difficulties deciding what I should buy the little big man this year for Christmas. Here’s my thought process,... Read More