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Apple’s New Car Play

Apple is readying up a new play for your car, but it technically isn’t CarPlay. The Big Tech giant is reportedly looking to launch a feature which will allow users to control their car’s air conditioning, seats, radio, and... Read More

Facebook gets the “W”

Most lawmakers seem to have one thing in common— they all hate Big Tech. For different reasons, but ultimately everyone has reached a consensus… Companies like Facebook, Google, and Apple are too big and powerful. 🤷 Despite... Read More

Apple’s New Look​

America’s Apple has decided to revive its 1977 rainbow logo.  The new rendering is darker and richer than the original— perfect to usher in the roaring 20s.  What do you think? Does the new design deliver?  The all-new iMac, iPad... Read More


The Tesla and Apple stock splits took effect today and both stocks rallied with the lower share prices to close at all-time highs. $AAPL split 4 for 1 and traded up 3.4% to close at $129 while $TSLA split 5 for 1 and traded up a whopping 12.5%... Read More

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