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NextStep Baby Monitors – NextStepIP System: Review and GIVEAWAY!!!

NextStepIP System An iPhone as a baby monitor? In terms of functionality, child monitors can range anywhere from the simple ‘audio only’ to the more sophisticated offerings that can include audio, video and motion detection. Suffice it to say... Read More

3 Free Teaching Tools for Toddlers

Educational toys are a booming industry with sales in the billions every year. But, the fact of the matter is that for young children, almost everything can be educational and you truly don’t have to shell out a dime to have some quality learning... Read More

Western Digital TV Live Hub? Yes please.

When you think of Western Digital what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Yup that’s right, hard drives (What were you going to say? Something smart I’m sure).­ Well then, if you’re so smart… tell me; where do you store all of those... Read More

Episode 26: The Work/Life Juggling Act

Watch the replay here http://vimeo.com/latenightparents/s01e26 Adam and Josh were both sad and excited to announce their last MacLaren stroller giveaway (as part of a month long promotion). The guys have been lucky enough to give away one MacLaren... Read More

Episode 24: The Bachelor

Watch the replay here http://vimeo.com/latenightparents/s01e24 Adam and Josh kick of the show talking about the latest and greatest in the news. Tonight Adam going all Bachelor on us since the family is out of town. The guys kick off the show talking... Read More

Episode #6: Two Scoops of Breast Milk Please!?

Episode #6 got off to an interesting start as Adam and Josh talked about how breast milk is the new Ben and Jerry’s. Before they dove in to that topic though they announced to major recalls: Bob Stroller Recall Ikea Crib Mattress Support... Read More

Episode #4: Bromance In The Air

Well it wasn’t quite “Bromance” on Episode #4 but it was Valentine’s Day. Josh and Adam talked about their Valentine’s Day plans and how they showed the ladies in their lives they loved them. They had a long conversation... Read More

Episode #3: I Heart You…

Late Night Parents came to you live again for our 4th episode. If you missed our show last week that’s not a problem! We’ll be back, LIVE, on Monday, February 14th at 11PM EST/8PM PST. Just tune in to www.LateNightParents.com to join the... Read More