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REvil Goes Dark

The notorious ransomware hacking group REvil vanished into thin air after President Joe Biden issued a warning.  REvil’s dark web sites mysteriously disappeared after President Biden issued an ultimatum to Vladimir Putin; the ultimatum... Read More

Green, Please. 💚

Concerned about Elon’s Bitcoin/environment tweet? Yeah, us too.  Nearly half of polled US investors worried about it, according to a new survey. 49% of the 1,103 respondents shared they have a “problem with Bitcoin environmental... Read More

Bitcoin is Bleeding​

Bitcoin’s horrific run isn’t over yet. The cryptocurrency plummeted 10% and tanked to its lowest point in weeks. News of the DOJ seizing $2.3M in Bitcoin triggered the plunge. The department cited its investigation of Colonial Pipeline’s... Read More

Operation #Green_Bitcoin

Crypto mining’s energy exhaustion is a huge problem for Bitcoin miners. To address growing environmental concerns, Elon Musk and MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor just founded the Bitcoin Mining Council.  This is a huge “W” for... Read More

Big on Bitcoin

Our hearts skipped a beat waking up this Wednesday.  Nevertheless, there are still some firm Bitcoin believers who think the sky’s the limit. Cathie Wood, CEO of Ark Investment Management, said she believes Bitcoin will touch $500k. Wood... Read More

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