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What is Web3?

Web3 remains a hazy concept, but the idea is that it will be powered by the blockchain, the technology behind many major cryptocurrencies and nonfungible tokens, or NFTs. A plethora of entrepreneurs around the world are trying to design and build the... Read More

Operation #Green_Bitcoin

Crypto mining’s energy exhaustion is a huge problem for Bitcoin miners. To address growing environmental concerns, Elon Musk and MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor just founded the Bitcoin Mining Council.  This is a huge “W” for... Read More

What Is Polkadot??

Polkadot, a popular sharded protocol, just dropped Polkadot Decoded. What’s that, you ask? 🧐 Polkadot Decoded is a second-edition virtual conference lasting today until Friday. Want to learn more about decentralization, the present,... Read More

#Blockchain @latenightparent

Join Ted Hicks as he moderates discussions on the latest trends and game changers in parenting, technology, education, sports & product reviews. Plenty of people still have little knowledge of this technological breakthrough that could... Read More