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Look Out – Dinosaurs on NYC Streets

Dino Tails Invade the Streets NY/NJ on June 20 As Part of Bronx Zoo’s “Dinosaur Safari” On Thursday, June 20 more than 50 people will be scattered throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Hoboken sporting dinosaur tails to celebrate the Bronx Zoo’s... Read More

If I were the Brooklyn Nets GM – I would be very concerned!

Yesterday, the Brooklyn Nets management relieved its Head Coach Avery Johnson of his duties.  All questions shifted to what big time coach will come in to lead the Brooklyn Nets.  While I won’t spend today debating on whether Phil Jackson is... Read More

Is the General Manager of any professional sport out of work?

Has the title of general manager become obsolete?  (At season’s end – each professional sports league will award an Executive of the Year.)  Not discounting the work, the qualifications or even the input.  We’re just not sure at that very... Read More