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Positivity: Moving Forward After A Family Separation

Sometimes you and your family can face challenges that seem like they’re only ever going to have a negative impact on your life. When a family is going through a separation or divorce, there are thoughts and feelings to consider, especially regarding... Read More

Tips for Guys to Man Up to Their Children

What happens when a man has met a woman who really makes him happy but his teenage kids hate her for no reason?  If a man is not strong in his own Self he stands to lose it all in this situation… the respect of his kids and the loss of a love. ... Read More

How to Protect Children’s Online Privacy

Data collection by smart toys makes the problem more pressing than ever The digital lives of many children are born shortly after they are, when their parents start posting baby pictures on social media. Over the years a child’s digital trail... Read More

Medicinal Honey: Herbal Cold and Flu remedies for children

Honeys healing properties have been touted for generations.   People world-wide claim that honey helps with colds, sore throats, and coughs.  Modern science shows that honey contains antioxidants, acids, proteins and minerals that help heal and... Read More

Rodeena Stephens – Founder – Art of Perception – a social enabled mentoring program

As an information technology professional and a parent of children that are well versed in technology at a young age – I’ve often conveyed my concerns and recommendations about social media / mobile computing and its impact on our youth.  I’ve... Read More

Carpooling Safety Tips Available For Coverage, From BubbleBum

Safety Tips for Carpooling Children will be transitioning back into school mode with the start of classes, practices and after school activities. Bring on the extracurricular; bring on the carpools! BubbleBum, the inflatable booster seat designed for... Read More


Sunday was a fun day for us as I took my husband and son to the movie premiere of Pirates! Band of Misfits which hit theatres on 4/27/12. This movie is a 3-D stop-motion animated film produced by Aardman Animations in partnership with Sony Pictures... Read More

How to treat/prevent head lice

Head lice effects 6-12 million families every year. Lice aren’t dangerous and they don’t spread disease, but they are contagious and can be pretty annoying. Their bites may cause the scalp to become itchy and inflamed, and persistent... Read More

Do You Know When Your Child is Online?

Time and time again, Virgin Digital Help, a new personal tech-support service identifies vulnerabilities in home networks that can open the door to malicious online attacks – vulnerabilities that are often opened by a curious child trying to connect... Read More

Episode 29: Off To School

Watch the replay here http://vimeo.com/latenightparents/s01e29 It’s school time for kids and both Adam and Josh are experiencing this for the first time. The babies they once had that sparked conversations around diapers, burp cloths, and... Read More

Episode 28: Birthday’s and Pre-School

Watch the replay here http://vimeo.com/latenightparents/s01e28 Adam and Josh were back at it again for yet another episode of Late Night Parents. Monday’s just seem to be that much more fun with the guys doing their late night thing! If you... Read More

Episode 21: Surprise It’s Monday!

Watch the replay here http://vimeo.com/latenightparents/s01e21 Well normally we’ve been doing just one show a week and we were at Monday’s then switched to Wednesday’s and now…. Are you confused yet? Well we’re figuring... Read More

Episode 20: We Love Sharing Our Hot Meat

Watch the replay here http://vimeo.com/latenightparents/s01e20 What a fun show we had to kick off the Father’s Day celebration! Of course, we couldn’t kick off our celebration without first talking about some great gift ideas for... Read More

Episode 13: DadaRocks Jr. Makes A Visit!

Watch the replay here http://vimeo.com/latenightparents/s01e13 Episode 13 started off with a surprise when Adam’s son Marc popped in to say hello and give a shout out! It was one of those special moments where you get caught between saying,... Read More

Episode 10: Spreading The mOmma Love!

  Watch the replay here http://vimeo.com/latenightparents/s01e10 What another fun show we had this past week! We started off by bidding a sad farewell to our March sponsor, mOmma. Of course, it was less of a good-bye and more of a “see ya... Read More

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