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Staying Within Your Holiday Budget

If you’ve already planned out how you’ll afford this year’s gifts, decorations, plane tickets and sugarplums, congratulations—you’re ahead of the 58% of Americans who say they don’t make a holiday budget. But when it comes to staying on... Read More

OH NO! The Kids are on Christmas Vacation!

Christmas time really is the best time of the year.  It’s a time when we think about others, we think about giving, and we think about family.  We think of the family members that used to be in school, but are now running around the house... Read More

Fun and Educational Christmas Gift Ideas

Are you looking to sneak some educational toys under the tree this year? See how products from Candied Yam Publishing can sneak to the top of Santa’s sack for your children’s Christmas. BOOKS If your bookworm asked Santa for a great book... Read More

What do I buy my 1 year old for Christmas?

I have a question and I thought maybe I’d just ask people here what their thoughts are, so here we go. I’m having some difficulties deciding what I should buy the little big man this year for Christmas. Here’s my thought process, let... Read More