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Co-Parenting Tips Every Divorcing Couple Needs to Know

It’s well known that nearly half of all marriages in the country end in divorce. The rate is even higher for subsequent marriages. What many people are not as focused on are the children involved and how to best go about co-parenting in a way that... Read More

Who’s The Better Parent? Who Cares?!

While he never says it directly, my ex often insinuates he’s the better parent. Probably because he knows my parenting skills are one of the few things I’m sometimes insecure about as a single mom. It’s a button he knows he can push when trying... Read More

Co-Parenting With A Side of Magic Panties

One of the hardest things I’ve had to deal with as a single mom is co-parenting. If you’re unfamiliar with the term because you are a happily (or not so happily) married parent, don’t have kids, or live in a world full of rainbows and fluffy... Read More