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Did Isiah Thomas ever really leave the NY Knicks?

LNP wishes everyone a Happy Easter.  Now, the talk radio and NBA studio pundits are spinning their wheels and spewing their wrath about Isiah Thomas’ impending return to the New York Knicks.  You should be talking about how Dwight Howard has... Read More

Is the General Manager of any professional sport out of work?

Has the title of general manager become obsolete?  (At season’s end – each professional sports league will award an Executive of the Year.)  Not discounting the work, the qualifications or even the input.  We’re just not sure at that very... Read More

The “UFC on FOX” and why it matters to Boxing.

Some may comment that professional boxing is on life support.  I might be one to partially agree with that notion.  In our latest version of “Days of our Lives” Bob Arum  feuds with Dana White over the UFC prime-time debut on the night of the... Read More

Did Bryant Gumbel really say that?

I’m not a basketball owner, executive or player, but merely a DAD that enjoys taking his children to sporting events.  Basketball is a game that I loved to play and one that has definitely gone down the tube since “The Jordan Era” ended with... Read More

South Florida All Star Classic

Thanks to the NBA Lockout – On Saturday night, South Beach will receive a one-night only treat.  The “South Florida All-Star Classic” will showcase Team LeBron against Team Wade at Florida International University.  Yes, it’s the same FIU... Read More