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Why do we celebrate Earth Day?

Earth Day is an annual global event, observed on April 22, that celebrates the environmental movement and raises awareness about pollution and ways to maintain a clean habitat. This year marks the holiday’s 52nd anniversary. And while many... Read More

Celebrate Earth Day 2021

Celebrate Earth Day this year (on April 22). If planting flowers is not your thing, head over to the Earth Day Network, which will be live streaming three days of climate action beginning on April 20, 2021, with a global youth climate summit led... Read More

50 Voices For The Planet

YOU HAVE A VOICE. HOW WILL YOU USE IT? 2020 is a year that demands urgent, bold and united action to avert the most devastating future impacts of our climate crisis. 2020 also marks 50 years of Earth Day, when millions joined together to call for... Read More