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Bust out the Ginger Snaps!!

Bust out the Ginger Snaps!  Our family loves Ginger Snaps!  Funny, it’s not one of those cookies that immediately come to mind.  You know the ones you buy at the grocery are just not very good.  They are hard and crunchy instead of chewey. ... Read More

Burley Honey Bee – Review and Giveaway

  If there is one word I could use sum up the Burley Honey Bee with it would be “fun”!  Burley is considered to be the leader in bicycle trailers and has been making trailers for more than 30 years.  In full disclosure Burley did... Read More

LOVE YOU, DAD: A Book of Thanks

Celebrating Dads and All They Do              ... Read More

How do you spend quality time with your family?

How do you spend quality time with your family? Do you find yourself constantly trying to find new and easy ways to spend more time with your family together?  You’re not alone!   This spring, Totino’s has teamed up with Denise Richards – a... Read More

Omaha Steaks Giveaway!

Ahhh…summer is approaching, the days are longer, nights are warmer, and outdoor activities galore. For most Dads one of the best outdoor activities combines the love of the grill with the love of food. Cooking out on the grill is really much... Read More