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Craycort Cast Iron Grate Father’s Day Giveaway

Anyone that uses a charcoal grill or a gas grills knows how gunky and disgusting grates can get.  I have used Weber kettle grills for years and no matter how well I clean the grates they still get disgusting and rust.  I end up replacing them every... Read More

Grill Charms for Father’s Day + Giveaway

Grill Charms are just cool.  And they are also very practical.  We use Grill Charms all the time because it is simply just an easy way to keep up with who gets what on the grill.  It seems everyone is a special order these days and my household is... Read More

Omaha Steaks Father’s Day Giveaway

Omaha Steaks mean quality.  If you every have ordered Omaha steaks you know what I am talking about.   If you haven’t then you need to order some Omaha Steaks soon!  Father’s Day would be the perfect opportunity!   For the record Omaha... Read More

Texas Pepper Jelly Father’s Day Giveaway

Do you like jelly?  Do you like spicy hot jelly?  I love it!  Many people around the country are catching on to the great flavor of really good pepper jelly.  The good folks at Texas Pepper Jelly make one of the best products you can buy.  Texas... Read More

Father’s Day According to Robert Verdi

Finding a gift for the man who has everything has its challenges. That’s why we’re happy to let you know that Robert Verdi has done the leg-work for you! On June 9th, Robert Verdi held “Robert Verdi’s Ultimate Father’s Day... Read More