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#AManAMile @latenightparent

Join Ted Hicks & Rich Valdez as they moderate the #LNPShow that discusses today’s current events, social topics & raising kids in this current time. (Rich is on vacation for this show.) Featured Guest: Brian Semling, Father, CEO &... Read More

How A Love For Golf Could Take You Around The World

Golf has largely been considered a mans world, but more women now seem to be taking an interest in the sport. Why’s that? Because golfing is one of the most relaxing, and actually one of the most social, sports that there is at the minute. Most of... Read More

A Pushy Parent’s Guide To Physical Activity For Kids

Child obesity is a growing epidemic because kids aren’t as active as previous generations. Technology has a role to play, as do globalization and a change in values. However, one of the main reasons for inactivity is a pushy parent. Moms and dads who... Read More

Tee Off With These Golf Tips For Kids

Are you interested in getting your kid out on the golf course? Some parents think that the golf course is only for adults, but that really isn’t the case. As long as your children have mastered the basic skills, then there is no reason they have to... Read More

A Guide To Golf Lingo

Few games have inspired as much joy—or as much rage—as golf. And it’s not just the game that’s challenging—its terminology can be downright befuddling. Here’s a glossary of common golfing jargon to help you out as you hit the links this... Read More