Hoverboards: The Ultimate Holiday Buyer’s Guide – @RideGOTRAX #ad

GOTRAX™, the Denver-based brand of premium hoverboards and electric rideables, today presents its “Hoverboards: The Ultimate Holiday Buyer’s Guide,” a multimedia experience designed to help parents make informed decisions when shopping... Read More

#AllHallowsEve – @LateNightParent

Join Rich Valdez and Ted Hicks as they moderate the #LNPShow that discusses the latest trends and game changers in parenting, technology, education, sports & product reviews. Don Stefanovich is our guest. (@RIDEGoTrax) is the new... Read More

Need a last minute #Halloween costume? @RideGOTRAX has 4 easy #DIY #hoverboard ideas.

GOTRAX™, the new Denver-based brand of hoverboards and electric ride-ables on a mission to boost imaginations and the possibility for personal transportation, has released a list of last-minute DIY Halloween costumes that are sure to be out of this... Read More