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Tips for maintaining and extending the life of your grill

A good grill is an investment that will last years, if you treat it right. High heat, hot grease, caked-on food and exposure to the elements all can cut the life of even the most well-made grills in half. A dirty grill also negatively affects how food... Read More

Target – Get Your Grill On Giveaway

  Target – Get Your Grill On Giveaway   Target wants to help you get your grill on!  Summer and the 4th of July is here and that means grilling!  I can find all the great ingredients I need at Target.  It’s a one stop shop... Read More

Thrill of the Grill Dad Blogger Challenge

Nature’s Own reached out to dad bloggers to create a video of their favorite grilling tips and compete to see who could get the most comments to win a Big Green Egg ceramic grill and win the title of “Nature’s Own Grill... Read More

Craycort Cast Iron Grate Father’s Day Giveaway

Anyone that uses a charcoal grill or a gas grills knows how gunky and disgusting grates can get.  I have used Weber kettle grills for years and no matter how well I clean the grates they still get disgusting and rust.  I end up replacing them every... Read More

Grill Charms for Father’s Day + Giveaway

Grill Charms are just cool.  And they are also very practical.  We use Grill Charms all the time because it is simply just an easy way to keep up with who gets what on the grill.  It seems everyone is a special order these days and my household is... Read More

May is National Barbeque Month

According to Hearth, Grill and Barbeque Association (HGBA) almost 60% of Americans grill or Barbeque year round.    Regardless of whether you grill year round or just fire up the pit a few times a year May is the month when the grilling season... Read More

Omaha Steaks Giveaway!

Ahhh…summer is approaching, the days are longer, nights are warmer, and outdoor activities galore. For most Dads one of the best outdoor activities combines the love of the grill with the love of food. Cooking out on the grill is really much... Read More