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The OTT Takeover

The fact that a relatively inexpensive internet streaming box can add in not just one but three HDR options should drive the point home clearly: OTT delivery is now the place to innovate, rather than relying on OTA innovation as had been done in years... Read More

An Eric B. And Rakim #PaidInFull Documentary?

Eric B. & Rakim reunited for a concert at the legendary Apollo Theater to recognize the 30th anniversary of Paid in Full, it was a celebration to remind us of rap’s long-enduring culture. The event was filmed as a concert documentary that will... Read More

I finally made the switch from 2K (HD) to 4K (UHD)!

I have my daily iMessage chat w/my buddies on various topics. Yesterday, we’re talking TVs, man-caves and streaming technology.  My last upgrade was Christmas 2009 – when I received a Samsung LED 55inch screen.  A heckuva upgrade from... Read More