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How To Launch A Podcast: An Intro For Radio

A majority of radio listeners surveyed by Jacobs Media for its TechSurvey 2018 said they listen to podcasts—including 11% who said they listen daily and 12% who listen at least once a week. It means nearly a quarter of radio’s listeners are... Read More

Facebook Original Programming To Premiere Mid-August

Facebook is entering the world of television with a launch date for mid-August, according to a Bloomberg report. Bloomberg says Facebook has been asking its partners to deliver the first episodes of their spotlight shows. It’s expected the service... Read More

How Stress & Late Nights Make You Poor (Infographic)

For some, financial woes can lead to sleepless nights and stress, but studies have found that a lack of sleep and high stress lead to bad financial decisions. ... Read More

Picasso, that’s who (and so can you!) – Hope Harris – Musical Adventures in Art

RICHMOND, VA (June 4, 2012) – Hot on the heels of her 2011 Parents’ Choice® Silver Honor Award winning CD, Cousins Jamboree, independent children’s musician Hope Harris is excited to embark on a lively new adventure into the world of art with... Read More

Pampers SoftCare Baby Fresh Wipes

I have a 15 month old little man. This little man is a bit rambunctious and he loves to play rough. You’ll find him running around the house exploring, pointing to things that he finds interesting, jumping up and down when he gets excited, running... Read More

Episode 26: The Work/Life Juggling Act

Watch the replay here http://vimeo.com/latenightparents/s01e26 Adam and Josh were both sad and excited to announce their last MacLaren stroller giveaway (as part of a month long promotion). The guys have been lucky enough to give away one MacLaren... Read More

Single Moms: Wingbitch Edition

Watch the replay here http://vimeo.com/latenightparents/singlemoms-1 Late Night Parents contributor and all around fabulous single mom Mely(sa) hosts as Josh and Adam are enroute to Evo Conference, while bringing her wingbitch Jamie from... Read More

Episode 23: The Late Night Parents Kids!

Watch the replay here http://vimeo.com/latenightparents/s01e23 There isn’t a whole lot to say about this episode other than Adam brought Mark and Josh brought Olivia and Jake to the show. Come watch this most recent episode so you can meet the... Read More

New Day, New Time, Same Great Show!

Since the first show aired we’ve been coming live to you on Monday nights at 8pm PST/11pm EST. the “Late Night” show seemed to work well for many of you but we heard from many more. The response we received was that, “We want... Read More

Episode 14: Mothers Day Gifting 101

Watch the replay here http://vimeo.com/latenightparents/s01e14 Tonight was a really fun night for the guys as they got to share all the Mother’s Day tips and tricks with everyone! The night started out as it does every other episode with a... Read More

Episode #5: Late Night Parents for President!

Okay, so maybe Late Night Parents shouldn’t be voted the next President but we think we’re getting the publics vote for most fun Parenting show! In fact, Late Night Parents is the only “After Hours” web based parenting show... Read More

Episode #4: Bromance In The Air

Well it wasn’t quite “Bromance” on Episode #4 but it was Valentine’s Day. Josh and Adam talked about their Valentine’s Day plans and how they showed the ladies in their lives they loved them. They had a long conversation... Read More

Orbit G2 Stroller Giveaway!

Well if you didn’t see our first show this past Monday (11pm EST) than you missed out on winning a top of the line Lansinoh Affinity Dual Electric Breast Pump . You also would’ve missed out on winning a Wii game pack of Dance Dance... Read More