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2015 Survey Predicts Cleveland Will Win it All in 2016, Plus the Player that Trains the Hardest

Goalrilla®, America’s Leading Brand of Basketball Hoops, Also Uncovers the Player with the Most Intense Training Regimen With the professional basketball season heading into the finals – and only two teams left standing, Goalrilla®, America’s... Read More

Did Isiah Thomas ever really leave the NY Knicks?

LNP wishes everyone a Happy Easter.  Now, the talk radio and NBA studio pundits are spinning their wheels and spewing their wrath about Isiah Thomas’ impending return to the New York Knicks.  You should be talking about how Dwight Howard has... Read More

The Great Dunk Debate – NBA All Star Weekend

  OK, so the world watched endless replays and the Twitter-verse went out of control with both dunks.  In a matter of a few days, Blake Griffin embarrassed Kendrick Perkins of the Oklahoma Thunder and LeBron James obliterated John Lucas of the... Read More

Is the General Manager of any professional sport out of work?

Has the title of general manager become obsolete?  (At season’s end – each professional sports league will award an Executive of the Year.)  Not discounting the work, the qualifications or even the input.  We’re just not sure at that very... Read More

South Florida All Star Classic

Thanks to the NBA Lockout – On Saturday night, South Beach will receive a one-night only treat.  The “South Florida All-Star Classic” will showcase Team LeBron against Team Wade at Florida International University.  Yes, it’s the same FIU... Read More

WWJD: What Would JimCaldwell Do?

  Dear Coach Jim Caldwell, What should you do?  NO, there’s not enough time to watch LeBron’s NIKE commercial.  And if that was the case, then you would only have to watch three quarters of the commercial.  You’re winless, no timetable... Read More