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Be Safe, Be Seen on Halloween

Safety Tips for children at Halloween.  ... Read More

5 Tips For A Safe And Happy Thanksgiving – @safekids

Whether you’re traveling by car, or train or plane, coming home for the holidays is exciting. Before you pack up the car and bundle up the kids, put the turkey and pies in the oven – or whatever else is on your list before you go – here are five... Read More

Heading Back to Campus? Here’s Safety Tips and Products You Should know About

As students head back to school in August, the personal safety company, SABRE, is stressing the importance of campus safety. SABRE is the world-renowned personal safety product brand, specializing in products such as pepper sprays/gels, personal... Read More

Surprising Household Hazards

Your home has well-lit stairways, household cleaners in an upper cabinet and smoke detectors with fresh batteries — so it’s safe, right? Here are some potential household dangers you may not have considered: Electronic appliances: The... Read More

Tips for a Safer Commute w/ @StateFarm

Morning roadways can get busy: The U.S. Census Bureau says 86 percent of American workers drive themselves to their job. If this includes you, stay cautious with these tips for commuting to work safely. Leave early. According to the Governors... Read More

Top Back-to-School Security and Safety Tips – Tip Sheet by AlarmSystemReport.com

As the summer draws to an end, it means not only the return of cooler weather, but also millions of children around the country will be preparing to head back to school. For many children whose parents work, this is also a time when families begin... Read More

The Road Ahead: In-Car Infotainment Systems

See The World Safely With These Tips Driving a car is a routine we’re all accustomed to, but doing so thousands of miles from home can be overwhelming. From insurance and rental contracts to road signs and roundabouts, foreign roads can be... Read More

Summer Tips w/Family Watchdog

Is your child going to be spending this summer with their grandparents? Maybe you are the grandparent? Take the next few weeks to talk about a safety plan for your grandchildren. What to do if they get hurt, who to call. Make sure your house is in top... Read More

Britax Parkway SGL Car Seat Giveaway!

It’s not often you get to combine child safety with charity but Britax has seemed to master both. Of course, every parent knows that Britax is a leader in child safety but did you know they’re also leading the way with charity? BRITAX Child... Read More

Episode #4: Bromance In The Air

Well it wasn’t quite “Bromance” on Episode #4 but it was Valentine’s Day. Josh and Adam talked about their Valentine’s Day plans and how they showed the ladies in their lives they loved them. They had a long conversation... Read More