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Safe YouTube?

Youtube is a great source for English teaching classes but the ads and some offensive comments may distract students from viewing the videos in a safe and a friendly way.  I’ve used SafeShare for a long time but as it is paid anymore and as you... Read More

CUJO – Intelligent network protection for your home or small office

Before I get to the device, let me admit to something up front. I’m a computer guy by trade. I’ve installed and/or managed countless PC’s, servers, routers, firewalls, etc in both homes and businesses. I say this to mean that I wasn’t walking... Read More

Heading Back to Campus? Here’s Safety Tips and Products You Should know About

As students head back to school in August, the personal safety company, SABRE, is stressing the importance of campus safety. SABRE is the world-renowned personal safety product brand, specializing in products such as pepper sprays/gels, personal... Read More

Was your Twitter account compromised?

Last night – Twitter disclosed in a blog post that its systems had been attacked in the past week by an unidentified group of hackers. The attackers may have had access to limited user information – usernames, email addresses, session tokens and... Read More