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How to Be Savvy When it Comes to Coupon Codes

No one likes to overpay when they’re shopping, or paying for anything for that matter. Therefore, it’s essential to have smart shopping strategies. We’re going to look at how you can become a savvy shopper using coupon codes. While... Read More

Amazon Go is spelling trouble for quick-service stores

The first Amazon Go store opened over a year ago and there are now 10 locations across Seattle, Chicago, and San Francisco. These stores offer prepared foods, items regularly found at a convenience store, and, in some cases, groceries. And... Read More

Target Removes Lead-Laden Fidget Spinner from Website, But Still Available for Sale In-Store

U.S PIRG Education Fund released a report yesterday outlining that Target is selling two fidget spinners containing high levels of lead, with one model containing 33,000 parts per million (ppm), more than 300 times the legal limit for lead in... Read More

Industry Leaders Rally To Grow Youth Sports Participation – #ProjectPlay2020

The Aspen Institute today announced a multi-year effort by more than a dozen leading sport, health, media and other organizations to grow national sport participation rates and related metrics among youth. The initiative, Project Play 2020, represents... Read More

Protecting Yourself After a Massive Data Breach

Hackers and cybercriminals are coming up with more and more devious ways to steal every day. Some of the data breaches are huge, like the attacks on Target and Anthem, allowing hackers to get access to millions of social security numbers, email... Read More

What a fresh idea Target teams up with Dove Men+Care and the NCAA #TargetNCAA

When it comes to football there is the NFL and NCAA and sometimes I gotta say the NCAA teams play better then the NFL teams. Around these parts there is nothing better than a good college rivalry like Ohio State verse Michigan. The best part of... Read More

Target – Get Your Grill On Giveaway

  Target – Get Your Grill On Giveaway   Target wants to help you get your grill on!  Summer and the 4th of July is here and that means grilling!  I can find all the great ingredients I need at Target.  It’s a one... Read More