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Google Cloud outage knocked a ton internet services offline in the US

A Google Cloud outage on Sunday plunged most of North America and some of Europe into the 1980s. Services like Gmail, Google’s G Suite, YouTube, chat service Discord, video service Vimeo, and social networking giant Snapchat faced downtime, as... Read More

5 Ways To Save Time While Managing Your Social Media Accounts

Running a marketing campaign online means blood, sweat, tears. And time. One of the toughest things to figure out when organizing such a social media-bound marketing campaign, in particular, would be- the schedule. More precisely, how much content you... Read More

Vimeo releases @mevocamera, integrates with it’s Vimeo Live Service

One month after announcing it would acquire Livestream, Vimeo is back with a new Mevo camera, one that integrates with Vimeo’s own live streaming service. The Mevo Plus will have improved wireless streaming compared to the original thanks... Read More

Tips on How to Create a Holiday Video Card

While holiday photo cards are a nice way to celebrate the season, they’re not without their drawbacks. You’re faced with the arduous task of finding which photo to use and then are forced to pay a bundle to print them. Create a holiday video card... Read More