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Shoppers Gonna Shop

U.S. retail sales rose by 1.7% in October, more than double the 0.8% growth in sales from September.  The country’s biggest growth areas were gasoline sales (+47% YoY), restaurants and bars (+29% YoY), clothing... Read More

The Anti-Amazon Union

Amazon and “union” are two words you don’t often see together in a sentence (aside from the company’s recent union-related problems). However, the e-commerce behemoth has prompted the formation of an unexpected union… and it involves the way... Read More

A ‘W’ for Amazon​

Amazon has been the center of attention lately. Today, JPMorgan published its report predicting Amazon will become the US’ largest retailer in 2022.  JPMorgan’s report called Amazon’s business the “fastest growing at scale.” Analysts... Read More

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