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Remembering the Pine Tar game.

The Pine Tar Game was a controversial incident during an American League game played between the Kansas City Royals and New York Yankees on July 24, 1983 at Yankee Stadium in New York City. With his team trailing 4–3 in the top half of the ninth... Read More

The BoSox, Yanks and the case of the Apple Watch.

The Boston Red Sox have reportedly admitted to Major League Baseball that they improperly used electronic devices to steal signs from their longtime rival New York Yankees. The New York Times reported Tuesday the Red Sox used a high-tech watch to relay... Read More

The economics and technology that surrounds the New York City Marathon

The ING New York City Marathon is scheduled is for Sunday, Nov6th.  When it comes to City Revenue – Sporting Events – not much comes close to the NYC marathon.  (it’s been mentioned that its equivalent to the revenue generated by a... Read More

NY Yankees: Time to re-tool for NO#28

In Yankee-land – no World Series means FAILURE.  When you add in a 200MIL payroll and ownership with the last name Steinbrenner – it’s all about retooling for next season and making the best business decisions for the organization. Derek... Read More

Detroit: Great time to be a fan!

In the age of doom and gloom – there’s a city that’s deserving and is basking in its glory.  The Motor City, it’s dwindling population and vivid memories of the TARP funds to make its auto industry solvent again.  The state’s unemployment... Read More

Win, Lose or Draw – C.C. opts out at the close of the season.

The 800lb gorilla has sat in the room since the day Brian Cashman had to go All-IN to over pay for C.C. Sabathia a 7YR, 161MIL deal in 2008.  Don’t get me wrong – C.C. has performed as advertised.  Fast Forward – three years and you can... Read More