You can’t cancel your paid subscription through any of their apps: IOS, Android, Windows, or MacOS. You must visit their website, and you click on account overview. From there, you scroll down to your plan and hit change plan.

Next, you scroll down until you see available plans, and hit cancel premium. Then, finally, you hit yes, cancel and finish up the process of unsubscribing to Spotify Premium.

This won’t cancel your account, but it will downgrade it into the free version. You will keep all your playlist and saved music.

If The Above Steps Don’t Work For You, Contact Spotify

If you cannot cancel your service, you can send a request to Spotify directly via thisĀ link. They will cancel your service for you, but it could take several days.

If you cancel your plan in the middle of your billing cycle, you will still have service until the renewal date. After that date passes, Spotify will downgrade you to a free account.