Brian Flores has filed a class action lawsuit againts the NFL and several teams. The lawsuit accuses the league and team of racist hiring practices, and says a text exchange between Bill Belichick proves it.

Flores, 40, filed the suit in New York and says he received a text from his former boss, New England Patriots head coach Belichick days before he interviewed for a position with the Giants.

Flores says in the message exchange, Belichick congratulated Flores on landing the job, which was confusing since he hadn’t gone into the interview yet.

Flores asks about this to which Belichick responds that he “misread the information” and meant the text for a different Brian –– Brian Daboll, who ended up landing the Giants job.

Flores says this proves the team only called him to interview for the role to fulfill the league’s Rooney Rule –– which requires a team to interview a Black or other candidate of color for a head coach role.

Flores is seeking a court to fix the discrimination in the league’s practices as well as damages.

The former Miami Dolphins head coach also accused Dolphins owner Stephen Ross of offering to pay him $100,000 per loss in order to secure a better draft pick.