Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Calvin Ridley has been suspended indefinitely for the entire 2022 NFL season for betting on games.

The league confirmed “the activity took place during a five-day period in late November 2021” in which Ridley was inactive and away from the Falcons while being listed on the non-football illness list.

The NFL said an investigation into the incident uncovered no evidence that Ridley used inside information or that any game was compromised due to his actions, nor that any coach, staff member, teammate or other players were aware of his betting activity at the time.

Ridley, who is currently on the final deal of his rookie contract, will be able to apply for reinstatement after February 15, 2023 and appeal the suspension within three days of it being handed down.

The former University of Alabama standout will now be under contract through the 2023 season and his $11.116 million salary will be taken off the Falcons’ books for the upcoming 2022 season due to his suspension.