NOWHEREthe innovative face-to-face video chat metaverse delivering the most realistic feeling of being present in a shared experience online, is partnering with NFT Labs, an educational four-day event gathering collectors, artists, entrepreneurs, gamers, and digital enthusiasts to discuss NFTs and how the metaverse will impact and change our world.

The virtual event, fueled by the passion of  bringing the NFT and the crypto community together in metaverse, will have talks, networking, art galleries and more inside NOWHERE on March 23, March 30, April 6, and April 13.  The participants will have the opportunity to begin understanding why celebrities and brands are launching their own NFT enabled projects and collections. This event is for those that don’t yet understand the hype, breaking the NFT industry down into bytes from A to Z of NFT. 

Confirmed guests include: co-founder and CEO of NOWHERE Ana Constantino, NFT collector and Investor The Beauty and The Punk, Power Women NFT collection’s Priscilla KouKoui, Technologist, multimedia artist and MIT-trained architect and Metarkitex Founder Breanna Faye, Rogue Fox Guild NFT collection’s Anna Stoilova, Founder Transcoin Human & FutrDAO Alyse Sue, Power of Women NFT’s Leah Sams, Women’s Pride NFT collection Nath Purple, NFT Youtube Educator Becks Perfect and more.etc.

NFT Lab is dedicated to creating a safe, accepting, like-minded community for those interested in this fast-growing space. During the educational four-day event, by using the NOWHERE platform the guests will be able to discuss with each other face-to-face the key learnings and takeaways from their experience and the inspirational speakers.

Creating a platform for a diverse collective of entrepreneurs, artists, and gamers has been an important component for NFT Lab and significant in the way they connect in both the digital and real world. NFT Lab is devoted to enriching this growing diverse community.

NFTs bring the blockchain to the masses and make cryptocurrency and blockchain tech more accessible to minorities. Part of the discussion will include why Diversity & Inclusion matter and the important players who are changing the status quo. 

Join us and learn how Metaverse, Blockchain, Crypto, and NFT are revolutionizing the world the way we know it.

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