Between remote learning, new teaching formats, mask debates, health concerns, and more, the past two years have placed our teachers under unprecedented stress. Now, we hear about a wave of teachers feeling burned out and quitting their professions altogether. In its wake are schools suffering teacher shortages, and administrators scrambling to educate the next generation. How can we help our teachers feel less burned out? What can we do to support them so they are less likely to quit altogether? Brainly, the world’s largest online learning platform and homework help community, has some tips: 

Donate classroom supplies
One of the easiest ways to help our teachers is to do something as simple as donate supplies. Year after year, teachers spend their own money to provide supplies for the classroom. Help relieve some of that burden and donate what you can! 

Support learning at home with homework help
Preparing children for their lessons at school is essential to support teachers. Struggling with answering a homework question? There are several online learning sites and tutoring apps, like Brainly Tutor, that are a great resource to help both students and parents with questions at home.

Volunteer in the classroom
Now that schools are allowing visitors again, offer to help out in the classroom. Something as basic as laminating and filing papers or stuffing the Friday folders can be a huge help. 

Become a substitute teacher
We aren’t just dealing with a teacher shortage, we’re dealing with a substitute teacher shortage too. Whether a teacher has a family emergency, an illness, or has to go on medical leave, substitutes are a necessity to keep our schools running smoothly. 

Say “Thank You” with a gift card
Everyone loves a treat from time to time. Say thank you to teachers for their hard work through a gift card to their favorite restaurant, store, or even spa. 

Ask what they need
Sometimes the best way to help our teachers is through the simplest means. Just ask! Ask our teachers what they need help with. It will show that you care and assist them with their tasks at the same time.