Just days after the BIG3 announced one major broadcasting partner, the league has added another — DAZN.

In addition to announcing the league’s full broadcast schedule, on Tuesday, BIG3 also announced that DAZN would be a broadcast partner along with VYRE, YouTube, CBS, and Paramount+. DAZN will air 54 hours of live games worldwide (with select territory exclusions) and 29 hours of those games will stream live on DAZN in the U.S., alongside availability on VYRE Network and BIG3 YouTube channel.

Full BIG3 2022 Broadcast Schedule

DateTime (All Times ET)Channel(s)
June 182:30 p.m.CBS, Paramount+
June 193 p.m.YouTube, VYRE, DAZN
June 251 p.m.CBS, Paramount+
3 p.m.YouTube, VYRE, DAZN
June 263 p.m.YouTube, VYRE, DAZN
July 21 p.m.CBS, Paramount+
3 p.m.YouTube, VYRE, DAZN
July 33 p.m.YouTube, VYRE, DAZN
July 88 p.m.YouTube, VYRE, DAZN
July 103 p.m.CBS, Paramount+
July 173 p.m.CBS, Paramount+
6 p.m.YouTube, VYRE, DAZN
July 237 p.m.YouTube, VYRE, DAZN
July 241 p.m.CBS, Paramount+
3 p.m.YouTube, VYRE, DAZN
July 301 p.m.CBS, Paramount+
3 p.m.YouTube, VYRE, DAZN
July 313 p.m.YouTube, VYRE, DAZN
Aug. 61 p.m.CBS, Paramount+
3 p.m.YouTube, VYRE, DAZN
Aug. 73 p.m.YouTube, VYRE, DAZN
Aug. 143:30 p.m.CBS, Paramount+
Aug. 213:30 p.m.CBS, Paramount+
Sept. 37 p.m.YouTube, VYRE, DAZN
Sept. 44 p.m.CBS, Paramount+

Last week, BIG3 announced a broadcasting deal with VYRE, a Black-owned streaming platform, that will air 29 hours of live games across the U.S. during the upcoming season, along with original BIG3 content, behind-the-scenes access, and the league’s existing content catalog.

DAZN will also collaborate with the league on behind-the-scenes and original content, but there not currently any public plans to include the league’s library in the package. DAZN will also get to run ads during BIG3’s CBS telecasts.

Season 5 of the BIG3 tips off this Saturday, June 18 at 2:30 p.m. ET from the Credit Union 1 Arena in Chicago.

DAZN is available on most connected devices including smart TVs, set-top boxes, streaming sticks, smartphones, tablets, PCs, and game consoles.