Since New Jersey is known to be a very diverse state, it should come as no surprise that the most ethnically diverse city in America is in New Jersey: Jersey City (for the sixth year in a row) according to Wallet Hub.

Wallet Hub compared 501 of the most populated US cities across three different metrics, including ethno-racial diversity, linguistic diversity, and birthplace diversity.

Jersey City ranked near the top in two of the three metrics: coming in #2 for linguistic diversity and #3 in ethno-racial diversity. In the third category, birthplace diversity, it was #164.

The leaders in the three categories were: ethno-racial diversity, Oakland, CA; in linguistic diversity, San Jose, CA; and birthplace diversity, Jackson, WY. Yeah, that last one surprised me, too.

According to, Jersey City residents speak over 40 languages and 52.6% of homes in Jersey City speak a language other than English. Many of those who live in Jersey City came here from somewhere else: 42.5% of residents were born in a different country.

Parkersburg, WV is the least ethnically diverse city. New York came in #6, while Philadelphia was #88. Following Jersey City were #2, Germantown, MD and then Gaithersburg, MD, Silver Spring, MD, Spring Valley, NV, New York, Kent, WA, San Jose, CA, Oakland, CA, and Rockville, MD.

As a state, New Jersey isn’t as diverse as Jersey City; over 51% of residents were born in the state, while 23% are foreign-born; that is second only to California.

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