Rock The Belt Road Trip

This month SADD and State Farm are teaming up to host 6 seat belt advocacy events in 6 different cities across the US, in conjunction with National Teen Driver Safety Week.

Who: Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) and State Farm are joining forces to advocate the importance of seat belts! 

What: In 6 cities, this event will include a roundtable discussion sharing best practices for encouraging seat belt use among teens and a quick click challenge that demonstrates the little amount of time it takes to fasten a seat belt.

When: SADD will be on the road on a “Rock the Belt Road Trip” from October 17th – October 27th, coming to a city in New York, Tennessee, Michigan, Texas, Arizona, and California. 

Where: Attend in your city or join in to the live-streamed roundtable discussions on @SADDNation’s Facebook.

Why: In 2020, 1,885 young drivers (ages 15-20) died in traffic crashes, a 17% increase from 1,616 in 2019; More than half (52%) were not wearing a seat belt. CDC 2022. Rock The Belt Road Trip is on a mission to bring awareness to the dangers of teen driving and help educate parents and teens on the importance of safe driving and how seat belts can save lives. 

About SADD

“Students Against Destructive Decisions” is a national nonprofit dedicated to the safety and wellness of all students. Using 40 years of expertise to facilitate educational and engaging programming, SADD operations through school and community chapters (like student clubs) are dedicated to advocating healthy decision-making. SADD was founded on the simple philosophy that young people, empowered to help each other, are the most effective force in prevention.