Long Island homeowners will be paying a lot more to heat homes this winter.

According to National Grid, Long Islanders can expect to see a 29% hike in their next November bill because of supply issues.

But there are still factors that can save you a little money.

  • Turn down your thermostat as low as is comfortable
  • Install a programmable or “smart” thermostat
  • Seal or cover areas with drafts
  • Keep interior doors closed
  • Check your home’s insulation
  • Make sure your furnace has been inspected and clean/replace air filters as needed
  • Dress warmer
  • Consider an electric blanket
  • Open shades or blinds during the day so the sun can warm your home

Analysts say home heating oil is also higher and the cost of delivering it to the home is rising.

National Grid has numerous assistance programs for customers who need help paying their bills as well as energy-saving tips.