A survey of 2,000 Americans traveling for the holidays found that most people have a limit to how much time they can spend with their relatives. While 95% of the respondents said it is important to spend time with their family during the holidays, 40% said it is stressful, especially if they are sleeping over at a relative’s house.

Respondents said it takes less than four hours before they need to take a break from spending time with their extended family.

The survey, which was commissioned by Motel 6, showed that 37% said they made up an excuse to leave, while 25% said they had to find a quiet place to hide to get away from their families for a few minutes.

While many Americans stay with their families during the holidays to save money, roughly one-third of the respondents said their families would get along better if they didn’t stay under the same roof.

The top issue people have with staying with their relatives is a lack of privacy, followed by family members getting on each other’s nerves and drama between relatives. Other issues included guests feeling like they’re imposing and having the house be too loud or busy.