Microsoft has joined the likes of DAZN, V-Nova, Akamai and Intel as a member of not-for-profit organization Greening of Streaming.

The organization focuses on developing joined-up engineering strategies in the streaming industry to reduce energy waste in the delivery infrastructure.

Simon Crownshaw, worldwide lead for media and entertainment at Microsoft said; “We hope that by helping to facilitate deep insight into the energy use of our infrastructure we can not only improve our own energy efficiency, but help the industry as a whole learn more about operating streaming infrastructure at scale, and doing so in a cost efficient and sustainable way.”

Dom Robinson, founder of Greening of Streaming, added “Microsoft is undeniably a power house and a thought leader in our sector. Having their participation in our working groups will provide a critical resource for various efforts we are undertaking. Microsoft spans many disciplines in the sector and that joined up thinking will be critical to transforming how the streaming industry as a whole can ensure a minimal energy footprint, while maximising the user experience.”

To find out about becoming a member reach out to [email protected]