In years past, if you wanted to catch an out-of-market NFL game that isn’t the home team at a bar, restaurant, or hotel, you’d have to find a specific-team friendly location to enjoy watching your favorite team play football.

Starting in 2023, NFL Sunday Ticket will be much more widely available, not only with YouTube TV taking over operations from DirecTV but also thanks to a recent development.

According to Alex Weprin of The Hollywood Reporter , RedBird Capital has partnered with the NFL, bringing Sunday Ticket to commercial properties , in addition to already being available in individual households. The new company will be called EverPass Media, who has struck a multi-year contract with the NFL, meaning bars and other public venues will have access to Sunday’s out-of-market this season.

This unique service differs from YouTube TV’s consumer streaming rights and will be available on a non-exclusive basis through each individual cable and satellite provider.

While there are still a few details yet to be revealed, both about YouTube TV’s consumer service and EverPass Media’s business service, it’s clear the NFL is serious about making their product much more accessible from here on out.